TAG Jewelers specializes in buying watches, including wrist watches and pocket watches.  Since 1977, we have served Western New York in buying and selling coins, precious metals, and jewelry, along with one of our favorite specialties, watches.  We pay instant cash for your watch!  Certain brands and models are in high demand, leading to high cash payouts.  If your watch is made from gold or silver, it will have good value, no matter what the condition.  TAG Jewelers buys more watches in our region than anyone.


Look for the maker’s name, usually found on the dial.  This will provide a starting point for the background.

Check for the serial number.  Better watch makers keep detailed records on their products, and that information is linked to the serial number.  Check the back and sides of the watch case.

Condition.  The better the condition, the better the value.  Even watches in lesser condition have value–the best way to determine what your watch is worth is to bring it in to our showroom for an immediate and free appraisal.