Silver Buyers

You can sell your silver at pawnshops, coin dealers, on EBay, online dealers, jewelers, and smelters. Selling face to face is probably the best idea as you can negotiate better. You will also get your cash quicker and there are lower risks of having issues. If you have a large quantity to sell, going to a smelter would be the better option as they are able to take on big consignments at once. Rare silver coins and antique silver sterling dishware or jewelry are best sold locally.


Sterling Flatware

Sterling Jewelry

Silver Coins


Tea Sets

Franklin Mint Sterling


Some silver flatware and jewelry is “plated,” which is virtually worthless.  What is important to look for on each piece, is a stamp that says “sterling” or “925.”  These indicate solid silver.

Every silver purchase is based on the live spot price per troy ounce at the time of the transaction to ensure that you receive the most accurate price every time.

Looking for a silver dealer or buyer Tag Jewelers is your choice.